Wax Seal Beginners Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Wax seals are not just old-school relics. They are perfect for adding sophistication and a personal touch to any paper stationery, wedding invitations and wedding stationery. With these wax seal tips and tricks, you can make your project shine. 

Whether you are a wax seal beginner or an experienced wax sealer, this step-by-step wax sealing guide will help you create beautiful wax seals with ease!

Get Your Wax Seal Making Tools Ready!

Before we embark on our wax seal adventure, let's gather the tools you will need:

1. Wax Seal Stamp

Choose a wax stamp design or customized wax seal stamp that reflects your style or suits the occasion

2. Sealing Wax

You've got options - sealing wax sticks or sealing wax beads (explained in Step 1)

3. Wax Melting Tools

Sealing wax gun or traditional setup of a wax stove with a melting spoon and candle (explained in Step 2)

4. Parchment Paper or a Silicone Mat

A silicone mat or non-stick surface to keep things neat!

Wax sealing tools including wax stamps, sealing wax, silicone mat, and sealing wax gun

Wax Seal Making Guide - Easy Step-by-Step

Step 1: Choose Your Sealing Wax

Ready to dive in? First, choose the type of sealing wax that suits your DIY wax seal project:

Sealing Wax Sticks

Modern and easy to use, the sealing wax stick, which comes in various colors, is used with a sealing wax gun / glue gun. This sealing wax method is recommended if you make large quantities of wax seals.
Note: For a sealing wax stick of 0.44" in diameter & 5.3", you can make approximately 10-12 1-inch wax seals.

Sealing Wax Beads

These small pellets can be melted in a spoon with a wax stove to create wax seals and come in a wide range of colors, perfect for various projects and mixing different sealing wax colors.
Note: For a standard wax bead size, you need approximately 2-3 beads per wax seal.

French blue color sealing wax sticks tied with white silk ribbon and cream color wax beads in clear round container

Step 2: Set Up Your Workspace

Prepare your workspace by having sufficient space for your tools. If you are using a wax stove with a candle, make sure the space is well ventilated.

Low-Temperature Sealing Wax Gun / Glue Gun for Sealing Wax Sticks 

Anyone can use a sealing wax gun regardless of their wax sealing experience. The process is quite simple if you're wondering how to use it to melt wax sticks precisely and efficiently.

First, insert a wax stick into the sealing wax gun and heat it up. Then, squeeze the trigger to apply the melted wax onto your project surface. The sealing wax gun is perfect for bulk wax seal making. It is an excellent tool for DIY wax seal projects such as wedding invitations.

Wax Stove for Sealing Wax Beads 

It is ideal for beginners and experienced wax sealers. Using a wax stove for melting wax beads with a spoon and candle is easy. Put the wax beads in the spoon, hold it over the flame until it melts, and then pour it onto your project surface. It is an excellent option for blending various sealing wax colors.


Remember, safety is essential when working with open flames or heated toolsregardless of your experience level. 

Step 3: Prepare Your Wax Stamp

Choose your wax seal stamp and attach it to a handle if necessary.

Step 4: Melt the Sealing Wax

Use a wax stove or sealing wax gun/glue gun to melt the sealing wax.

Step 5: Dispense/Pour Sealing Wax onto the Project Surface

Gently pour or dispense the melted wax onto your project surface/silicone mat. For beginners, it might take a few tries before you get the hang of using the right amount of sealing wax for your wax stamp.

Step 6: Stamp the Wax

Steadily press the wax seal stamp into the melted wax. Allow the wax to cool for at least 10 seconds.

Step 7: Release the Seal

Carefully lift the wax stamp to reveal your beautiful wax seal. Admire your handiwork!

💡 PRO TIP: Use a cold stamp for better efficiency.

 Cool the wax stamp on an ice cube, dry it with a clean cloth, and press it into the melted sealing wax.

Maintenance and Care: Keep Your Tools in Top Shape

To ensure the longevity of your wax seal tools, wipe them clean after each use and store them in a cool, dry place.

Conclusion: Unlock Your Creativity

Creating wax seals is a delightful and fun way to add an elegant touch to your stationery for special occasions. 

Wax seals not only enhance the decorative appeal of your stationery but also add your personal touch and show that you have made extra effort to make it special for the recipient. 

Whether designing wedding invitations, letter seals, or wax seal DIY projects, this wax seal making step-by-step guide provides the inspiration and information you need to begin your wax sealing journey.♡

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Happy sealing!

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