Beige low-temperature glue gun on nude backdrop
Beige low-temperature glue gun on white marble pattern backdrop
Beige low-temperature glue gun on white backdrop

Low Temperature Sealing Wax Gun

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Our low-temperature sealing wax gun is designed to provide a hassle-free and efficient wax sealing experience. This is a full-size glue gun with a 0.44" chamber and works with all our sealing wax sticks

Whether you're a beginner or are experienced in the craft, this is the perfect tool for your wax sealing projects - wedding invitations, envelopes, DIY projects, gift wrapping and more. 

Controlling the temperature of your sealing wax is one of the most crucial factors contributing to the aesthetic results of your wax seals. This sealing wax gun will ensure you won't overheat your sealing wax and minimize air bubbles in your wax seals. 

• Color: Light Beige
• Full-size sealing wax gun featuring a 0.44" chamber
• North American plug (125V, 40W)
• Our brand logo is printed on one side (1cm x 3cm)

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How to use a sealing wax gun
1. Plug in and turn on your sealing wax gun
2. Insert 2 sealing wax sticks
3. Wait for the wax to melt (2-3 minutes) 
4. Aim the nozzle on your project surface and gently squeeze the trigger to dispense melted wax
5. Steadily press your wax seal stamp into the sealing wax
6. Let the wax seal cool and dry completely before removing your wax stamp

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