a set of 5 vellum sealing wax sticks

Vellum Sealing Wax Sticks

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Our beautiful vellum wax stick color embodies a subtle yet alluring shade, available in sets of 5 or 10, akin to the soft glow of aged parchment. Its gentle, muted tones of ivory and antique beige interplay, giving your creations a refined and classic touch. With this wax stick, your projects gain a timeless elegance that complements the understated beauty.

• Used with a full-size glue gun
• 0.44" in diameter & 5.3" in length
• Each stick makes approximately 10-12 pieces of 1" wax seals
• Quality wax sticks that create even-colored wax seals with a defined edge
• Flexible, durable and holds up well in the mail

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How to Make Wax Seals
1. Melt your sealing wax sticks using a low temperature glue gun
2. Dispense wax onto the project surface
3. Steadily press stamp into sealing wax
4. Lift the stamp
5. Allow the wax seal cool for at least 10 seconds