a box of 5 glue gun sealing wax sticks in rosewood color styled with dried flower petals
Dusty rose colored floral wax seal on vellum wedding invitation envelope
Dusty rose colored floral silhouette pattern wax seals
Ribbon bow wax seals in rosewood color on white paper envelopes styled with a strand of rose silk ribbon
Dusty rose square wax seal featuring quatrefoil Talavera pattern on a white handmade paper envelope
Dusty rose square wax seal featuring quatrefoil Talavera pattern on a white handmade paper envelope
a box of 5 sealing wax sticks in mulberry dusty rose color_side angle

Rosewood Sealing Wax Sticks

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Our Rosewood Sealing Wax Sticks are available in sets of 5 or 10. These glue gun sealing wax sticks are perfect for projects such as wedding invitations, wedding day stationery, brand packaging, craft projects and more.

Our sealing wax sticks are of premium quality and easy to use. It melts evenly, producing a smooth texture in a rich, beautiful color that will add a lovely touch to your projects. These wax sticks are both flexible and durable, creating wax seals that are safe for mailing and providing both elegance and durability.

• Used with a full-size glue gun
• 0.44" in diameter & 5.3" in length
• Each stick makes 12 wax seals with a 1" stamp (an extra stick is required to fill the chamber of a new glue gun)
• Quality wax sticks that create even-colored wax seals with a defined edge
• Flexible, durable and holds up well in the mail

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1-3 business days
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How to make wax seals
1. Insert 2 sealing wax sticks into a glue gun
2. Wait a few minutes for the wax to melt
3. Dispense wax onto the project surface
4. Steadily press your wax stamp into the sealing wax
5. Allow a few moments for the wax seal to dry
6. Lift your wax stamp and let the wax seal cool for at least 10 seconds

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