mini adhesive backing stickers for wax seals
mini adhesive backing stickers for wax seals
gold and blue mini heart wax seals with adhesive backing stickers

Mini Double-sided Adhesive Backing Stickers | 16mm, Pack of 20

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Mini double-sided adhesive backings for our Mini Wax Seal Collection!

3M double-sided backing stickers provide a convenient solution for a mess-free wax seal DIY experience, especially if you're making wax seals in bulk for wedding invitations or thank you cards. 

By first creating your wax seals on a silicone mat, you can then easily apply the stickers to the back. This helps prevent any mishaps or wasted envelopes if your wax seals end up imperfect or off-centre. The stickers allow you to position them with precision and ensure a perfect finish every time. 

• Pack of 20 stickers
• Sticker size: 16mm / 0.63"
• Professional-grade and durable for mailing

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