Modern monogram gold wax seal on beige card stock envelope
Modern monogram gold wax seal on handmade paper envelope_side angle
Modern monogram gold wax seal on handmade paper envelope
Font options for monogram personalization
Wax seal stamps with black and wooden handles

Moderne Monogram Wax Stamp

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Our Moderne Monogram Wax Stamp adds a modern touch to your custom two-letter monogram or single initial design from a selection of fonts. This chic and contemporary custom design offers a simple yet impactful way to mark you and your partner on wedding invitation or special occasion stationery.

Stamp Size

Premium brass stamp head & wooden handle

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How to Use a Wax Stamp

1. Melt sealing wax sticks using a low temperature glue gun or wax beads with a melting spoon and candle
2. Dispense/pour wax onto the project surface
3. Steadily press stamp into sealing wax
4. Lift the stamp
5. Allow the wax seal cool for at least 10 seconds