Abstract floral oval wax seals in gold with 3M stickers
Abstract floral oval wax seal in gold on handmade paper envelope
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Abstract Floral Oval Wax Seals

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The Abstract Floral Oval Wax Seal is the answer for those looking for modernity and singularity all in one seal. The singular flower illustration draws your eyes right to the design and ensures a very fashionable edge.

Every wax seal carries the touch of hand-stamped craftsmanship and, with the addition of a self-adhesive backing, ensures a simple peel-and-stick application that adds a touch of charm and romance to wedding invitations or stationery.

• Crafted with a 0.9" x 1.1" stamp
• Enhanced with strong adhesive backing
• Fashioned from exquisite sealing wax in a range of captivating colors
• Flexible, durable and holds up well in the mail

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